Rooftop gardening

Rooftop gardening

Growing herbs, chilies and vegetables on the balcony or rooftop is a popular hobby, suitable for every age and really satisfying.
Chili Pepper Files are informative posts about the chili peppers that I grown. This post is meant to be an index for this chili database. Capsicum Chinense Habanero [...]
Many of you know Lasagna Gardening, a compost system that use different layers (as in lasagna). Long story short, in autumn you shoud cover the garden with newspapers, then throw [...]

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Gardener's Delight tomato
(Ita) Coltivare l'aglio in balcone e terrazzo
Summer harvests
March gardening tips: the harvest
Senshyu yellow Japanese onion
November gardening tips: autumn tasks
Young plants: Daikon
(Ita) Pomodori che passione
July gardening tips: Summer harvests
May gardening tips: Harvesting aromatic herbs
(Ita) Aprile in terrazzo: trapianti, semine, raccolti e altri lavori
(Ita) Coltivare le melanzane in balcone e in terrazzo
Last winter harvests
(Ita) Semine invernali: erbe aromatiche, pomodori e altro...
Miniature cauliflower
January gardening tips: winter harvests
November gardening tips: rooftop harvest
Ishikura bunching onion
Young plants: Chioggia beetroot
Young plants: Swede
Chilies and aromatic herbs October harvest
Autumn sowings and harvests
May gardening tips: harvest promises
Yellow strawberries
March gardening tips: spring tasks
Young plants: Ky pickles
Winter sowings
Chili and vegetables winter harvest
September gardening tips: Harvest & Sowing
Recipe: Rice salad with fried vegetables
August gardening tips: The holidays
(Ita) Il momento giusto di raccogliere...
Aromatic herbs and vegetables from pot to plate
(Ita) Pomodoro Ciliegino Nero (Cherry Black)
Armenian Cucumber on the rooftop
Beetroots: eat them all
(Ita) Coltivare curiosità in terrazzo
(Ita) Maggio in terrazzo: primi raccolti e gestione delle piante
(Ita) Aromatiche e ortaggi in balcone e in terrazzo: cosa coltivare?
Rooftop apricots
January gardening tips: Indoor sowing
December gardening tips: Winter gardening
November gardening tips: Time to rest
Watermelon radish
Colourful sowing in autumn
Recipe: White eggplant omelette
June gardening tips: The harvest begins
Paprika and tomatoes teaser
Sand storm on the rooftop
April gardening tips: Harvests and repottings
(Ita) Coltivare i pomodori in balcone e in terrazzo
March gardening tips: A new season begins
February gardening tips: Preparing the pots
Rooftop composting: Lasagna gardening... in pots
October gardening tips: Winter salads
(Ita) Coltivare ravanelli e ramolacci in terrazzo
Recipe: Stuffed tomatoes with Blue cheese
My first white eggplant
Green Zebra Stripe Tomatoes
My first Numex Sunglo chilies
Tomatoes over the top!
Good company: chilies, cats and bugs
Radishes: the harvest
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