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Rooftop gardening
August 28, 2014

Like every summer, it's been difficult to find the time to publish my harvest one by one, so I will post some of them now.

HarvestTomatoes have been really satisfying: my favourite was Zukertraube, a sweet cherry with a grape aftertaste.
I also harvested a lot of cucumbers, peppers, onion, basil, mint and many aromatic herbs.

Longbow leeksI harvested all Longbow leeks from my rooftop, and prepared a gratin.

Longbow leeksSome leeks were very thin and have instead produced a large bulb. In this case, the aerial part of the plant is too tough but the bulbs can be used like garlic cloves: they have a more delicate flavor but tasty and more digestible.
I used in the Vegetarian chili with herbs.

Winter Over onionsLike the name suggests, the Winter Over onions are grown during the winter and spring and were ready to be harvested in June.

10 erbeLast year I enjoyed my 10 Herbs tea and I prepared it again this summer, harvesting and drying all the herbs.

This year I used more than ten herbs, because I added also lemon grass, self-healing, horehound and corean mint. I added also anise hyssop, wild strawberry, salad burnet, vervain and other herbs from last year recipe.

Flowers teaI prepared also another herbal tea, the flowers tea with yellow clover, marigold, chamomile, cinnamon basil, cornflower and alfalfa.

CamomillaI harvested a lot of chamomile this summer.

Read the post Storing Chamomile for details.

CalendulaThis summer I have also grown marigold: I will use the dried petals for tea but also as a natural food coloring.

DukkahWith coriander, cumin, sesame, nigella and almonds I prepared again dukkah: it's a snack of pita bread, dipped into the olive oil and then into the dukkah.

New Zealand SpinachThis year I tried New Zealand Spinach and I loved them: they are not related to spinach but their taste is very similar.

Spacemaster cucumberSpacemaster cucumber is a small plant perfect to be grown in a container. The pods are sweet and tasty, with bright green stripes.

Golden California WonderGolden California Wonder was as sweet as gorgeous, and I served it roasted but also raw in salads.

Herbes de ProvenceFive years ago:

Storing herbes de Provence
Ginger spiced tea

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Author: Margaret (URL)

Very nice harvests - that s a wonderful idea for making your own tea blend!

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