March gardening tips: A new season begins

Rooftop gardening
March 26, 2010

March is here and there's lot of work to do, in the rooftop as in the garden.
Some winter plants are ready to be harvested, and you can start to sow directly and to transplant indoor seedlings.

Burro RadishIn a pot there's not enough room for many radishes, but if you sow them 15 cm apart you'll have some giant and tasty radishes, like this Burro Radish.
Radishes can be sowed almost all year long, and can be harvested after 60-70 days.

Pak ChoiI sowed pak choi and it sprowed in 7-10 days. I choose this dwarf variety of pak choi, and I already know that we will enjoy it.

Pak choi/tatsoi/bok choi Recipes

March Sowing

Sow directly in the rooftop pots:
- Hard herbs like dill, coriander, parsley, chervil.
- Rocket, lettuce, corn salad, radishes to have fresh salads soon.

Sow all basil varieties indoor, and transplant them when the plants will be big enough to be handled.
Sow indoor the last tomatoes, bell peppers, chilies, aubergines.

Banana Legs e Cascabel

Repotting time

Indoor tomatoes, peppers and chilies can be repotted if it's not too cold at night.

In the picture: a Banana Legs Tomato and a Cascabel chili. They look really small, but in 2-3 months they will be full of flowers and ripen pods.

SpinachI bought some spinach small plants, and transplanted them in a rooftop pot and in the garden.
All my bets are on the rooftop ones!

Garden designTwo years ago:

Garden design

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