March gardening tips: the harvest

Rooftop gardening
March 01, 2014

HarvestI'm harvesting the last carrots, beets and parsnips from the autumn sowing.

I used my beets for another omelette similar to the Baby Beetroots Omelette cooked last year.

Read more about beets of different colours and shapes in the post The collector's garden: Deep purple beetroots.

CarrotsI harvested many Atomic Red carrots, and baked them with honey and cumin.

SpinachThis year 'm growing also a lot of salad containers, like the spinach Reddy, with purple stems.

ParsnipsI harvested also a lot of parsnips from my rooftop pots...

Parsnip...and look, this one looks like a mandragora!

Parsnip soupI used parsnips to cook again the delicious Parsnip and Welsh onion soup using some Senshyu yellow Japanese onion instead of Welsh onion.

PatateRooftop pots are good to potatoes too: they will be small, but so tasty!

Mortgage Lifter tomato
Two years ago: Winter sowings

Four years ago: Watching the little dark chili plants

This post joins to Harvest Mondays.

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Author: Daphne (URL)

Lovely harvest. I love the red carrots.

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