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December 27, 2013

At the end of the year it's always nice to think of the past few months, learn from our mistakes, remember the pleasant events and rejoice of the successes, so we can start to look forward and make our good resolutions. Every year Cooking 4 all Seasons invites all bloggers to celebrate the new year with a recap.

Erbe in Cucina in 2013

Pumpkin, amaretti and sage appetizers1. Top 5 recipes of the year

The best recipe was Pumpkin, amaretti and sage appetizers, pumpkin canapes with amaretti, sweet and bitter italian almonds biscuits.

The other unforgettable recipes of 2013:
Watermelon salad with spearmint
Almonds and tomatoes pesto
Carrot and basil savory muffins
Buckwheat naan with cumin

Carrot and basil savory muffins2. Best dish of the month
January: (It only) Mint and chocolate cheesecake
February: Pumpkin, amaretti and sage appetizers
March: Tuna and thyme bruschetta
April: Parsnip and Welsh onion soup
May: Salmon and poppy seeds appetizers
June: Rocket and chives spaghetti
July: Watermelon salad with spearmint
August: Mint hummus with aromatic herbs
September: Roasted vegetables chowder with basil
October: Carrot and basil savory muffins
November: Pumpkin savory pie with almonds and ginger
December: Buckwheat naan with cumin

Baby beetroots omelette3. Best recipe prepared from other blogs

Baby beetroots omelette, prepared with the beautiful as well as tasty Chioggia beets, that I'm growing again and will be ready to be harvested soon.

Deviled eggs4. Best Meal of the year
The Easter lunch, with many recipes that I posted in italian only, like the Deviled eggs with herbs.

Alexanders5. New things discovered in the year
Every year the most interesting discoveries are related to to new plants I never grown before: among the herbs I particularly enjoyed alexanders, a celery-like plant widespread in ancient times and lemon bergamot, with a citrus aroma.

ParsnipThis year I finally harvested some parsnips from my rooftop. I can't find this vegetable in Italy, and I've grown it to prepare many different recipes, like the hearty Parsnip and Welsh onion soup.

Other discoveries:
Garden peach tomato, different from the usual, fruity and delicious, that I will grow again next year.
A new tea mixture: 10 Herbs tea.
A sweet and tasty onion that can be grown even in pots: Senshyu yellow Japanese onion.

6. Best (translated) post or picture for each month of year

Winter purslaneJanuary's post: January gardening tips: winter harvests

Mizuna flowerFebruary's picture: Mizuna flower

The post: Miniature cauliflower

AlexandersMarch's picture: Alexanders from the post Last winter harvests

Baby beetroots omeletteApril's post: Baby beetroots omelette

Harvesting aromatic herbsMay's picture: Harvesting aromatic herbs

Calamint flowerJune's picture: Calamint flower

Vervain flowerJuly's picture: Vervain flower

The post: July gardening tips: Summer harvests

Mint hummus with aromatic herbsAugust's picture: Mint Hummus with aromatic herbs

My 1000th postSeptember's picture: My 1000th post

CalamintOctober's picture: Calamint in New York

The post: Licorice, red mustard and other harvests

BlanchingNovember's post: November gardening tips: autumn tasks

Herrings canapes with chervil cheeseDecember's picture: Herrings canapes with chervil cheese

The post: Senshyu yellow Japanese onion

7. New blogs discovered
Kentucky Fried Garden
The Novice Gardener

8. Cooking resolutions for the year 2014
Cook healthy dishes and bake more cookies and bread at home.

Finding new recipes with vegetables and legumes for my five years old son.

Pay attention to the sowing, trying to avoid mistakes.

Like every year, avoid waste and not grow more than I can harvest and use.

Erbe in cucina: Best of 2012
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