Winter sowing dates - Chili Peppers

Growing chili peppers
April 04, 2008

All chilies are ready to be transplanted. Let's look at them, from Aji Amarillo to Vizcaino.


My chili pepper's germination times:

Aji Habanero - Capsicum Baccatum

Capsicum Baccatum

Aji Amarillo 5-7-8 days
Aji Blanco Cristal 6-10 days
Aji Brazilian Starfish 32-11 days
Aji Cristal Red 18-19 days
Aji Habanero 10-7-8 days
Aji Yellow 4-8 days
Hot Lemon 5-7-10-19 days
Inca Red Drop 66-68-10 days

Carmine - Capsicum Chinense

Capsicum Chinense

Carmine Pepper 6-6 days
Habanero 6-9 days
Habanero Brown 13-19-11 days
Habanero Chocolate 5-5-13 days
Habanero Long Chocolate 12 days
Habanero Orange 5-5-11 days
Habanero Red 4 days
Habanero Red Savina 7-10 days
Numex Suave Orange 11-18 days
Peruvian Collnew 6 days
Pimento Antille 11-11-11-14 days
Rocotillo 24 days

Capsicum Frutescens

Piri Piri 10 days

Capsicum Pubescens

Rocoto 9-33-66-66 days

Cayenne joes long - Capsicum Annuum

Capsicum Annuum

Aurora 5-45 days
Black Prince 9-6 days
Bulgarian Carrot 7-15 days
Cayenne Hybrid 4-7-6 days
Cayenne Joes Long 10-7 days
Cayenne Ring of fire 16-12 days
Cedrino 5-6-5 days
Cherry bomb 8-8-9 days
Explosive Ember 11-11 days
Goat's Weed 10-11 days
Hungarian Yellow Wax 4-7-8 days
Italiano lungo 5-8 days
Jalapeno 13-12-13-14 days
Kacha Morich 5-5 days
Mazzetto 8 days
Masquerade 4-5 days
Mexican Red Cayenne 7 days
Medusa 6-6 days
Mushroom Yellow 15-11 days
Nepali Orange 6-7-8 days
Numex Big Jim 5-5-7 days
Numex Twilight 5-7 days
Pasilla Bajio 4-10 days
Pequin 22-8 days
Peter Pepper Red 4-9-7 days
Pimento de Padron 13 days
Pimiento piquillo 8-8 days
Poblano 10-21 days
Red devil 5 days
Rocoto-like Hybrid 8-12-7 days
Serrano 6-9-10-12-9 days
Shishito 5-6 days
Siciliano 6-9 days
Spitz Paprika, White 7 days
Thai dragon 6-6 days
Tondo Giallo 5-5 days
Tondo Serra San Bruno 14-6 days
Vizcaino 52 days

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