Storing chilies: Hot chili sauces

Growing chili peppers
July 22, 2011

As many chili growers know, one of the most obvious and satisfactory use of the chili harvest is preparing hot sauces. Since I started growing peppers I've tried several sauces, different in use, hotness, nationality. I was looking old recipes to choose which repeat with the next harvest of hot peppers and I deide to write a post that lists them all.

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Highly Recommended

Vegan Chili BechamelVegan Chili Bechamel

Thai Curry PasteThai Curry Paste

Chili JamChili Jam

Onion and Chili Jam

Hot sauces from the world

MuhammaraMuhammara (Sirian Hot Sauce with Walnuts and Mint)

Yellow Tomatoes GaspachoYellow Tomatoes Gaspacho

Peruvian Chili SaucePeruvian Chili Sauce with Aji Amarillo.

Tex-Mex Papalo DipTex-Mex Papalo Dip

Yellow Thai Curry PasteYellow Thai Curry Paste

Quick Ginger ChutneyQuick Ginger Chutney

HarissaMoroccan Harissa

Hot sauces for everyone

Hot Pumpkin JamHot Pumpkin Jam

Banana Sweet Chili SauceBanana Sweet Chili Sauce

Hot Sauce with Fennel SeedsHot Sauce with Fennel Seeds

Piri Piri Chili Cheese SaucePiri Piri Chili Cheese Sauce

Chili JamAji Blanco Cristal Chili Jam

Kohlrabi Salad, Chicory Salad
One year ago: Kohlrabi Salad, Chicory Salad

Two years ago: Insalata di portulaca e uova sode and Trailer for the next posts
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