Chili last harvest

Harvest Chili Peppers
February 14, 2010

My chili plants are dying, and it's pointless to keep them in the pots any more. I'm using my lasagna gardening in the pots technique to prepare the pots for the new plants.

Last harvestI like to imagine my new plants already transplanted, but it's sad to throw away the old plants and harvest the last chilies from them.

In the picture, some Black Scorpion Tongue, a Jalapeno Jaloro (used for the Turkey Tostadas with Jalapeno) e the last two Pasilla Bajio, almost dried, harvested from the died plant.

Pimento PiquilloThis is a Pimento Piquillo, one of the new plants... life continues.

Winter potatoesOne year ago:

Winter potatoes

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Harvest Chili Peppers
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Red Devil chili pepper pod
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