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December 14, 2009

When the first blogs appeared, they were meant like an online diary, a place where talk about ourselves and share private thoughts and feelings.
Very soon bloggers started to chose a main argument, and focus on that. A blog became something different from a diary.
A blogger talk about himself, of course, but this is usually an intro for some useful information, like the recipe in the food blogs.

StartersThis post doesn't have any recipe, or useful information about plants, aromatic herbs and other stuff.
This post tells a story.
So if you usually have a quick glance at the personal crap to skip to useful information, well, chose another post.

Are you still here?
Hey, did you really leave?
Well, this is the story.

Saturday I should have lunch with my mother, but she called me: I feel sick, please can you go to buy something to eat?
Me (when my brain finally processed the information): but... why don't you eat with me?
She (distrustfully): eat what?
Me: well, I will cook
(incredulous silence)
Me again: it's Saturday, I don't have to work and, you know, I like to cook

My mother loves to cook, like me, but if I say that her dishes are stodgy and greasy, she thinks I cook insipid, not-nourishing food.
They're just different points of view, I'm okay with that.

SoupThis is not the story of how I had to bend my soul and cook only meat and over-fried food, with plenty of oil and butter.
This is neither the story of how I chaged her life, with healthy dishes, showing her a different kind of diet.
(If you're asking: I choose to compromise, and I cooked my way, but creating recipes with more cheese and seasonings than usual.)

Long story short, I persuade her to go back to bed and come for lunch. She wasn't too eager.

I'm writing this post because I spent an hour preparing a quick lunch and thinking: I like to cook, try and create new recipes.
This is a fact.
Hey, I have a food blog, and people read it.
I grow my own aromatic herbs, and many vegetables too.
I always talk about food and cooking.
Do you think that I'm capable of cooking a quick lunch for two?
I'm pretty sure that you all can say that.
Everyone who knows me can say that.
Everyone except my mother.

And while I was cooking I also tought of all the bloggers that every day publish recipes that makes me drool and I asked: it happens to them too?
Does it?

BurgersWell, this was the story.
Uhm, yes, I have to tell the ending: my mother enjoyed the lunch, showing curiosity and appreciation.
And I prepared a starter with fresh vegetables from my rooftop, cheese, salami and a dollop of pumpkin jam.

Hot pumpkin jamThe recipes:
Hot pumpkin jam
Kale soup with turmeric
Vegetarian mini burgers
Lebanon cake with sesame

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