Recipe: Mini quiche Lorraine with tarragon

The miniatures lunch
April 27, 2012

Mini quiches have been my first idea for the miniatures lunch and they were very simple: I cut the pastry into small squares, pour the filling and baked using a muffin mold.

TarragonI chose a classic French recipe, the quiche Lorraine, adding a touch of tarragon, although the original recipe does not have it.

I was completely satisfied with these little quiches, and I think I will prepare them again soon.

Mini quiche Lorraine with tarragon

Mini quiche Lorraine with tarragon

Makes 12 mini quiches:
200g puff pastry
200ml single cream
2 eggs
100g pancetta or bacon, diced
100g Emmenthal
2 tbsp dried tarragon

Mini quiche Lorraine with tarragonDirections
Sauté the bacon in a frying pan.
Cut the pastry into squares and place in 12 muffin molds, using paper cups or small squares of parchment paper. Put the cheese slices and bacon.
Beat the eggs with the cream and tarragon.
Pour the mixture over the mini quiches.
Bake in preheated 180° C (356 F) oven for 20-25 minutes, until golden brown.

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Author: Jamie (URL)

I love quiche and I love individual quiches but I have never baked them in a muffin tin and I love the idea! These look delicious and so cute - perfect to set one or two on a lunch plate with a salad - the perfect meal. Great recipe! Thanks so much for joining my Monthly Mingle and adding something so good to the menu!

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