Recipe: Besan Ka Cheela (Indian pancakes)

Crepes, pancakes and tortillas with spices
September 14, 2009

Peruvian CollnewIt's always a pleasure to harvest the ingredients that we need.
I choose the Peruvian Collnew for this recipe, an orange hot chili pepper.

Indian cuisine is healthy, light and perfect after the often-nearly-junk food of the summer holidays.

Besan Ka Cheela

Besan Ka Cheela (Indian pancakes)

Makes 6 cheela:
150g besan (chickpeas flour)
1 onion
1 chili pepper
1/2 tsp carom/ajwain seeds
1/2 tsp cumin seeds
1 pinch of salt
300ml water

Besan, cumino, ajwainDirections
Mix the besan with minced onion and chili, cumin and ajwain seeds and salt.
Add the water and mix well, then let rest 20 minutes.
In a flat frying pan (I used my crepes pan and it was perfect), heat a teaspoon of oil.
Pour a ladleful of mixture and spread it out.
After a few minutes, when the edges starts to pull away from the pan, turn the cheela and cook the other side.

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ItThis month I'm hosting the event It's a Vegan World - Indian.
The event is created by Vaishali from Holy Cow!.

--- It's a Vegan World - Indian: Round up ---

I tried the Besan Ka Cheela, from the interesting and rich blog Bong Mom's CookBook.

This also joins to Think Spice - Chilies, an event started by Sunita's World.
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Chili Pepper Files


Author: (URL)

Thanks. Next time if you want you can go ahead and add other herbs to the batter
Love that Chili

Author: Graziana

Thank you, I will try it the next time

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