Recipe: Stuffed zucchini flowers

Fritters with aromatic herbs
April 17, 2009

Many of you enjoy a recipe with zucchini flowers, Basil and Zucchini Tortellini, so here is another idea of how to use them.

Zucchini flowersZucchini flowers may be cooked in many ways, mainly fried with or without batter, but remember: they must be used soon, or they will wither.

Thai dragonBelieve it or not, many pepper plants from last year, like my Thai Dragon, are still alive, and many pods are still ripening.
Winter peppers are milder than their summer brothers, so I used them in large slices.

These are the ingredients for the stuffing: Thai Dragon chilies, anchovie fillets and parmesan.

Stuffed zucchini flowers

Stuffed zucchini flowers

Serves two:
8 zucchini flowers
2 anchovie fillets
30g parmesan
2 Thai Dragon peppers
2 tbsp. milk
1 egg
30g flour
frying oil

Cut each anchovie fillet into four pieces. Cut the peppers into slices and the parmesan into small cubes.
Open carefully each zucchini flower, and stuff it with a piece of anchovie, a pepper slice and some parmesan, then close it.
Make a batter with egg, milk and flour. Place the flowers in the batter one by one and fry them a few at a time until golden brown.
Serve immediately.

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Fritters with aromatic herbs

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