Peppers are ripening!

Harvest Chili Peppers
June 30, 2008

Ripe Cayenne Ring of FireLook carefully through the leaves... the first Cayenne Ring of fire has turned red!

Ripe Hungarian Yellow WaxThis is an Hungarian Yellow Wax, I should harvest it when it was yellow, but I choose to wait and see it turning red too.

Ripe Explosive Ember podsExplosive Ember Yellow are ripening too, and the plant is wonderful.

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Author: Sage (URL)

Mine are definitely slower growing than yours... you are doing so well... hope all is ok.


Author: Graziana

Hi Sage, I started the seeds in January and grow them indoor until spring, that s the trick!

Author: maria (URL)

we dont often use very hot peppers in greece, but they are grown as decorative plants, especially the explosive ember variety. some people have started using them in their cooking.

Author: Graziana

I tried one mature Explosive Ember pod yesterday but it wasn t very tasty. It was hot, but a little bitter.

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