Winter recipes

Cooking with aromatic herbs
January 09, 2012

WinterThe winter begins with the Christmas holidays, and the desire to cook sweet and traditional recipes, continues with a period of purification, and then... the bad weather seems to never end, and hot meals are always welcome.
Let's see some winter recipes published on Erbe in Cucina - Cooking with Herbs.

Winter herbs

Winter aromatic herbs

During winter many herbs are in dormancy or have completed their life cycle. Even those that remain green such as sage, mint and rosemary should be harvested only a few leaves at a time. It's time to use all those Spices and aromatic herbs mixtures prepared during summer and autumn.

However, there are several fresh herbs that stand up well to winter, first of all the Chives garlic (nira), similar to chives, and also dill, cilantro, parsley, celery, cress and buck's-horn plantain.

Top winter recipes

Among the favorites of my family, these recipes are absolutely recommended.

Thai chicken soup (Tom Ka Gai)What do you crave when you have a bad cold? I always desire a Thai Cchicken soup (Tom Ka Gai): quick to prepare, warm, easy to digest... Besides, the spices used in this recipe are the perfect combination to relieve all cold discomfort!

Orange pasta with smoked salmonCreated in a moment of inspiration, the Orange pasta with smoked salmon is recommended for the holidays, for a romantic dinner or for any other special occasion.

Aromatic risotto with spumanteRich and hearty, the Aromatic risotto with spumante is also an idea to use the sparkling wine leftovers from the holidays.

Winter recipes

Salmon and cress canapesAppetizers
Salmon and cress canapes
Rolled turkey with cranberries
Cheese and chilies balls
Caramelized spicy walnuts

Tuna mousse with aromatic herbsSauces and dips
Tuna mousse with aromatic herbs
Green sauce
Aromatic herbs tapenade

Green rice with winter pestoStarters and first courses
Green rice with winter pesto
Cauliflower pasta with aromatic herbs
Sausage and kale pasta with rosemary
Vegan steamed bao
Gnocchi with bacon and marjoram

Minestrone with bucks-horn plantainSoups
Minestrone with Buck's-horn plantain
Stracciatella (egg soup) with parsley
Ethiopian-style legumes soup
Chinese soup with ginger and coriander
Kale soup with turmeric

Mini quiche Lorraine with tarragonSavory pies and fritters
Mini quiche Lorraine with tarragon
Brussels sprouts savory pie with sage
Potato casserole with parsley
Mushroom quiche with pennyroyal
Cauliflower patties with coriander

Steamed vegetables salad with Thai seasoningSalads
Steamed vegetables salad with Thai seasoning
Broccoli salad with vinaigrette
Mozzarella salad with herbs

Cauldron meatballsMeat
Cauldron meatballs
Pork spare ribs with mustard seeds
Meat and vegetables ragout with thyme

Lemon muffins with poppy seedsDesserts
Lemon muffins with poppy seeds
Chocolate and ricotta plumcake with mint
Chocolate cake with red chili
Sfoof, sesame cake from Lebanon

GingerbreadmenChristmas Cookies
Pepparkakor, Swedish Christmas Cookies

Wreath bread with aromatic herbsBread and savory pastries
Wreath bread with aromatic herbs
Herbal Portuguese loaf
Ginger and rosemary braid

Christmas recipesSee also Christmas Recipes.

Herbal Portuguese loafTwo years ago:

Herbal Portuguese loaf

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