Healing Foods - Capsicum Round Up

May 03, 2010

Healing Foods ChiliesMy chili are growing, and I hope I can try soon all the recipes that you sent to me for the event Healing Foods Capsicum. Thank you all!
This event was started by Siri.

Milagai Bajji/chilli frittersNiloufer Riyaz cooked Milagai Bajji/chilli fritters with Pakoda chilli, a long green pepper.

Stuffed capsicum and Capsicum with Gram flourTanmaya send to us two recipes: Stuffed capsicum and Capsicum with Gram flour.

Shimla Mirch Ki LaunjiPriya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal cooked Shimla Mirch Ki Launji, Green Bell Peppers in Sweet and Sour Mix.

KhariyuCooking Foodie cooked Khariyu with both bell peppers and chili.

4 capsicum recipesSrividhya Ravikumar send us four recipes:
Vegetable Fried Rice
Simple Capsicum Rice
Chilly Paratha (parotta)
Corn -Capsicum Pulao

Hyderabadi toastSayali Shah teaches us how to prepare the perfect Hyderabadi toast.

3 recipesNithu Bala send us three recipes:
Cauliflower Gravy
Cauliflower and Orange Salad
Tanzanian Vegetable Rice

Jalapenos with Spiced SauceMy entry: Jalapenos with Spiced Sauce.

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Author: Niloufer riyaz (URL)

Thats a spicy roundup.sooooooooo hot!!!

Author: Cooking Foodie (URL)

Nice round up!

Author: Nithu Bala (URL)

Lovely roundup..thanks for including my entries..

Author: Tanmaya (URL)

Nice one, lots to try out :)

Author: Graziana

Thank you all, I had so much fun hosting this event!

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