Recipe: Hot risotto with clams

Rice recipes with chilies
January 21, 2010

As many chili growers, I grow more plants that I can handle, and harvest more chilies that my family can eat. There are so many varieties, different in color, taste, shape, spicyness, origin, that every year it's impossible to choose only few seeds.

So every summer I store chilies in every possible way: dryed, powdered, frozen, even pickled and in jams. Then I harvest fresh chili until spring, the new harvest begins in June and... what I have to do with all the stored chilies?

Chili pasteIn these days I'm trying to use my chili paste: it's made of minced chilies, packed in single doses (with freezing paper or basil leaves, as shown in the picture) and frozen.
It's easy, quick and perfect for soups, stews, sauces… or a classic risotto like this one.

More info: Storing chili peppers.

Hot risotto with clams

Hot risotto with clams

Serves two:
180g rice
100g frozen clams
250g canned chickpeas
2 anchovie fillets
1 clove garlic
1 tsp chili paste
olive oil

Heat the clams in a pot and set aside.
Fry the minced garlic and anchovie fillets with olive oil, then add the rice and stir well.
Pour the clams broth and the chili paste in the pot.
Cook ten minutes, adding hot water if needed.
Add dryed chickpeas and clams, and cook until the rice is tender.

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Author: Reeni (URL)

This spicy risotto looks delicious! Love it with chickpeas!

Author: anita (URL)

Wow!1 very healthy n delicious rice.. thx for the entry...

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