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October 17, 2009

Numex Suave Orange was developed by New Mexico State University's Chile Pepper Institute, to have a chili similar to Habanero Orange but milder.

DryerLike all Chinense, the Numex Suave Orange can be dried in a ventilated place, or with a dryer.

This powder can also be prepared with Habanero chilies, getting a very hot powder.

Aromatic chili powder

Aromatic chili powder

Wash peppers, cut them in half and remove their stalks and seeds.

Numex Suave OrangeDry the chilies in a ventilated place or with a dryer.
Blend into powder or leave some texture.

Asian aromatic mixtureAnother Numex Suave Orange recipe:

Asian aromatic mixture

Chili Pepper FilesNumex Suave Orange is a Chinense chili, like the famous Habanero. Unlike the most of Chinense pods, it's mild, and its incredible flavour can be fully appreciated.

Numex Suave Orange

Numex Suave Orange (Capsicum Chinense)

Heat: Mild
Taste/flavour: Aromatic
Wall thickness: Thin
Plant productivity: Prolific
Number of seeds per pod: Few
Pod lenght: 3 cm long by 3-4 cm wide
Average weight of pods (from my harvests): 4 g
Plant height: 40 cm
Colour: From green to bright orange.

Why grow it?:
If you can't feel the rich aroma of Habaneros because of its picancy, Numex Suave Orange is the chili for you.
The pods are similar to Habanero Orange, and can be used for some jokes...

These shiny, bell pepper shaped pods can be stir-fried or used in many recipes.

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