Coriander or cilantro leaves looks similar to parsley, but they have a completely different flavour: strong and lemon-like.
Coriander or cilantro (Coriandrum sativum) leaves looks similar to parsley, but they have a completely different flavour: strong and lemon-like. Corianer leaves are used raw in [...]
Finally it's spring and I have enough coriander to use it everywhere: fresh coriander is perfect on chicken, fish and eggs, and it's a classic combo with ingredients like lemon, [...]
Many of you already knows that I love indian cuisine, but I must confess I've used store bought curry powder for my recipes... until now. Choosing and preparing the various [...]
My coriander started to bolting and I took some pictures of its white flowers. A close-up: they look like tiny daisies. Read also: Cooking with coriander Fresh [...]
I've harvested all seeds from my aromatic plants and spices, and I guess it's the right time to enjoy a dukkah. Any way, all ingredients are dried, so you can prepare this recipe [...]
I took this picture of paella in Portobello Road: it' really gigantic! With my fresh coriander I made paella at home... it was smaller than the one of the picture, but really [...]
It's time to harvest coriander seeds: they will be useful for the next year sowing, but they can also be used as a spice. Coriander seeds are light brown, with a spherical [...]

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Coriander seeds
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Coriander flower
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Recipe: Potato gateau with coriander
Aromatic herbs in November
Recipe: Chili pie with herbs and spices
Recipe: Chili con carne with mini tortillas
(Ita) Ricetta: Risotto di mare alle erbe aromatiche
Recipe: Autumn chili
Cooking with aromatic herbs
(Ita) Coltivare e raccogliere le spezie
Pesto ideas
(Ita) Ricetta: Rotolini al pesto di coriandolo
Recipe: Carrot savory pie with fresh coriander
Recipe: Paella parellada with coriander
Aromatic herbs in May
Recipe: Couscous verrines with chicken and coriander
February gardening tips
Cooking with coriander
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May and June gardening tips
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February harvest
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Recipe: Tuna pasta with coriander
Recipe: Homemade curry powder
Autumn coriander
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Recipe: Whole wheat rolls with herbed chicken kebabs
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Recipe: Harissa hot sauce
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Recipe: Vegetarian dumplings in roti bread
Recipe: Jackfruit kebabs
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Recipe: Mediterranean chicken kebabs
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Spices and herbs seed harvest
Spice seeds on the catwalk
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Recipe: Cauliflower curry with coriander
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Blooming time: white mustard, coriander and chamomile
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Recipe: Dukkah
September gardening tips: Seed harvest, the last harvest
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Recipe: Three cheese sauces from Ancient Rome
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Spring buds
Recipe: Aromatic spring risotto
(Ita) Ricetta: Nachos con salsiccia e coriandolo
Aromatic herbs, first true leaves
(Ita) Coltivare il coriandolo
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