Recipe: 10 Herbs tea

Herbal and spiced teas
September 01, 2013

10 Herbs teaDuring the summer I harvested herbs for a new blend of tea, which I have called 10 herbs.

Some of these, such as vervain, lemon bergamot and anise hyssop were grown to be used as an herbal teas. Some others, like spearmint or cinnamon basil are aromatic herbs that I use often for cooking, and proved to be a valuable addition to this blend.
I used also some leaves from my Yellow strawberries plant.

This herbal tea is very fragrant, with the vibrant tone of mint and the refreshing touch of vervain and salad burnet, while other herbs create a pleasant background, hard to describe.

10 Herbs tea

10 Herbs tea

Anise hyssop leaves
Wild strawberry leaves
White mint leaves (few)
Scarlet sage leaves
Vervain flower and leaves
Salad burnet leaves
Lemon bergamot flower and leaves
Spearmint leaves
Basil clove scented leaves
Basil cinnamon flower and leaves

Doses and storage
I used only few leaves of white mint because it's too strong, but other herbs where used approximately in the same amount.
Once well dried, herbs were crushed by hand and stored in a container.

Preparation of the tea
Pour a cup of boiling water over a tablespoon of herbs. Brew for 10 minutes, strain and serve.

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Author: enzo

Me ne mancano solo due. Il mio the sarà alle 8 erbe ma lo voglio provare subito complici oltre al tuo entusiasmo anche la giornata di pioggia...

Author: Hannah (URL)

What a nice tea blend. I dry a lot of mint, and Self-Heal (Prunella), I started growing anise hyssop so I ll have to dry some for tea, and I could try some Salad Burnet too. This year I got a goldenrod called Solidago odora that is supposed to make an anise-flavored tea, I will have to dry some of it too.

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