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July 25, 2013

HarvestsI'm harvesting many aromatic herbs and tomatoes this month, but also cucumbers, chilies and peppers.
I'm drying herbs for my new Mediterranean aromatic mixture, and also for the delicious 10 herbs tea.

TomatoesI used some red tomatoes for a new recipe of pesto: plum tomatoes and Muchamiel tardio tomatoes.

BasilI have also a lot of lettuce leaf basil: I'm preparing large batches of pesto, I have already stored basil for winter, and I try new recipes like this one.

We used almost all of this pesto to season spaghetti, and then spread the rest on cheese sandwiches.

Almonds and tomatoes pesto

Almonds and tomatoes pesto

30g almonds
300g tomatoes
50g basil
olive oil

Cover the almonds with boiling water for five minutes, then peel them.
Wash and cleanse the basil, then mince with almonds and tomatoes.
Place in a bowl and cover with a little olive oil.

Pesto ideasPesto ideas: recipes with classic pesto alla genovese, tips and ideas for pesto with other aromatic herbs.

This post joins to Harvest Mondays.

Aromatic Herbs, Chilies and Tomatoes HarvestTwo years ago:

Aromatic Herbs, Chilies and Tomatoes Harvest

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Author: grafath

Ricetta stuzzicante! Sarà sottinteso che i pomodori pelati vadano anche tritati. A pranzo ne saprò di più...

Author: Graziana

Sì, ho corretto la ricetta, grazie

Author: The Novice Gardener (URL)

I m glad I saw this recipe! I happen to have all the ingredients, so I ll be trying it. Never used almonds or tomatoes in my pesto before.

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