November gardening tips: rooftop harvest

Rooftop gardening
November 18, 2012

Winter approaches and the weather is getting worse. I'm harvesting peppers and chilies from summer plants, and radishes and herbs sown in the autumn.

ChiliesThe autumn chilies are almost ripe, although smaller than summer ones. In the picture Cheese peppers, Jimmy Nardello and Jalapeno Tam. I used these chilies in many recipes and I plan to grow them also the next year.

BasilAll varieties of basil continue to produce surprisingly large leaves, especially the cinnamon basil. With the last basil harvest I prepared a batch of pesto without garlic, and I have frozen it for the winter.

Land cressLand cress is ready to pick up a few weeks after sowing, with the fresh and pungent taste of garden cress. It is eaten raw and is a perfect contrast for smoked salmon, eggs, meat.

Cress recipes

MustardBroad Leaf Mustard is proving to be worthy of its name, producing more than 30 cm long leaves.

RadishesThe Winter Radish China Rose, elongated, pink and with a pungent aftertaste.

The French Breakfastradishes, small with a white tip, are an early variety.

I always try new radishes but my favorite is still the watermelon. It's the only one with a sweet, almost fruity taste, and its colours are gorgeus.

Read also Discover radishes for many other different radishes.

Chilies and bell peppers: 240g
Radishes: 110g
Basil: 40g
Broad Leaf Mustard: 60g
Total 450g

This harvest joins to Harvest Mondays.

Watermelon Radish
Two years ago: Watermelon Radish

Three years ago: Autumn coriander

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