Autumn sowings and harvests

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October 01, 2012

The weather is fantastically hot, and both plants in production and those sown in September are doing very well.

PestoI harvested leaves from different varieties of basil I'm growing, especially cinnamon and lemon basil, a bunch of chives garlic and I made a delicious pesto for a pasta and for the Peas soup with pesto.

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PeppersOn the left King of the North sweet peppers, crispy and delicious. On the right some small Cheese peppers.

I'm also harvesting white mint, horsemint, marjoram, lemon balm, thyme, and I'm drying them for the winter.

This harvest goes to Harvest Mondays.

Meanwhile I organized a very rich autumn sowing: dill, watercress, coriander, chinese mustard, different types of carrots, greens and radishes.

MizunaMizuna will be ready to be harvested in a couple of weeks.

Pak ChoiI sowed also Pak choi (in the picture) and bok choi, two delicious vegetables to be eaten fresh or stir-fried.

SeedsMeanwhile I ordered new seeds: new varieties of aromatic herbs and herbal teas, vegetables from all over the world... I can't wait.

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Autumn herbs

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Author: Michelle (URL)

I ve got King of the North peppers in the garden this year also, but mine haven t ripened yet. You ve got some new interesting pesto ideas that I m going to try. I also like to make pesto with fresh arugula or blanched kale.

Author: zentMRS (URL)

Beautiful peppers!!

Author: Lena

hai un bellissimo blog! Vorrei domandarti ,visto che hai scritto che hai ordinato semi da tutto il mondo etc, dove ti rifornisci di semi, quali siti preferisci etc. Se non ti va di rispondermi qui , scrivi in pm , ho lasciato la mail.Grazie!

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