Recipe: Rice salad with paprika and chives

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September 26, 2012

September is the time of year when there are still summer harvests, and I have already started planning what to grow next spring. This light and tasty rice salad is representative of this period, because it uses fresh harvested chives and cucumbers, and a variety of paprika purchased at the market, which I will grow next year.

PaprikaThis is Gelb Spitza paprika white, sweet and crisp, that I planned to grow next year.

Ky cucumberThis is a Ky Cucumber: this variety has a slightly bitter aftertaste, and I admit I will choose different varieties for the next year.

Rice salad with paprika and chives

Rice salad with paprika and chives

200g rice
2-3 fresh white paprika
300g mixed pickles (artichokes, mushrooms, olives ...)
125g cooked corn
50g peas
100g small wurstels
250g plain yogurt

Boil the peas and rice.
Cut the wurstels and paprika into pieces, then blanch for a few minutes.
Drain well and season the rice with peas, paprika, sausages, pickles and corn.
You can serve immediately or let rest in refrigerator several hours.
Garnish with chives and serve with yogurt.

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Souper SundaysThis goes to Deb from Kahakai Kitchen who's hosting the weekly event Souper Sundays (now Soup, Salad and Sammie Sundays).

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Author: Deb in Hawaii (URL)

Such a colorful and pretty salad! Thanks for sharing it with Souper Sundays. I am sorry to hear my blog doesn t let you comment--so strange but oh well... ;-)
Take care!

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