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Cooking with Aromatic Herbs
June 23, 2012

SummerThe summer is full of fresh and delicious ingredients: tomatoes, eggplants and peppers are never missing from our table, along with watermelon, apricots, peaches, figs.
During summer choose low-fat foods, quick-cooked or raw.

Let's see some summer recipes published on Erbe in Cucina - Cooking with Herbs.

Summer Herbs

Summer aromatic herbs

The summer is the season of aromatic herbs, that are harvested not only for everyday use but also for storing.

To be consumed preferably fresh: all varieties of basil, parsley, chervil, chives, chives garlic, coriander, dill, sorrel, dandelion and purslane.

To be eaten fresh and also preserved for the winter: sage, marjoram, lemon balm, rosemary, all varieties of mint, thyme and oregano.

All spices sown in spring are ready to be harvested in late summer: coriander, dill, caraway, flax, anise, nigella, ajwain.

In summer many aromatic herbs bloom: for some it means that the leaves shouldn't be harvested any more, but many flowers and buds are an interesting resource: flowers of dandelion, oregano and marjoram are added to salads and omelettes; flowers of borage, hyssop, chamomile and many varieties of basil can be dried to make teas; lavender flowers are dried and used as a herb in many sweet and savory recipes.

new pesto ideasI love preparing large quantities of basil pesto during summer, but over the years I have learned not to put limits to the imagination. Look at the post new pesto ideas: classic recipes with pesto and ideas for the different pesto with alternative ingredients.

Top Summer Recipes

Among the favorites of my family, these recipes are absolutely recommended.

Aubergines and Pesto PastaPasta Norma is a delicious traditional Sicilian recipe, made ​​with tomato sauce and fried eggplant. To try something new I have created a green version, Aubergines and Pesto Pasta.

Mint Sun TeaIn a hot afternoon, all you want is a refreshing drink: I strongly recommend the Mint Sun Tea, from Native American tradition.

Picnic Recipes with Aromatic HerbsTake a soft blanket and a wicker basket, and premare some Picnic Recipes with Aromatic Herbs for your friends and family.

Summer Recipes

Sage and Courgette Bruschetta with Green Tomatoes
Broken pizza with arugula and basil

Pasta Checca sul rogoPasta
Pasta Checca sul rogo
Pesto without garlic pasta
Tuna and sweet pepper pasta with Herbes de Provence
Gnocchi with sorrel and sunflower pesto
Almonds and tomatoes pesto

Tortilla de Patatas with rosemarySavory pies and omelettes
Tortilla de Patatas with rosemary
White eggplant omelette
Courgette omelette with marjoram
Tomato savory tart with oregano
Savory pie with sorrel and basil pesto

Hot watermelon gaspachoCold soups
Hot watermelon gaspacho
Cold cucumber soup with mint
Yellow tomatoes gaspacho

Indonesian-style purslane saladSalads
Indonesian-style purslane salad
Rice salad with fried vegetables
Salad with basil vinaigrette
Watermelon salad with spearmint
Lebanese Fatoush (Purslane salad)

Fried sageFritters
Fried sage
Fried white eggplant and tomatoes with pesto
Herb moon fritters with lavender

Chicken souvlaki with honey and aromatic herbsMeat and fish
Chicken souvlaki with honey and aromatic herbs
White chicken chili
Sweet and sour burger with anise
Tuna sandwiches with nigella and Thai basil
Grilled tuna salad with Thai basil

Banana and rhubarb muffinsDesserts
Banana and rhubarb muffins
Peach Melba ice cream
Chocolate and cinnamon basil patties
Rhubarb crumble

Indian naan with nigella and sesameBread and savory pastries
Indian naan with nigella and sesame
Basil pesto loaf

Pickled JalapenosPreserves and pickles
Pickled Jalapenos
Chili jam
Pickled green purslane
Herbal vinegar

Radish Leaves Omelette with Nira
Three years ago: Radish leaves omelette with nira

Four years ago: Broken pizza with arugula and basil

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Author: Wendy (URL)

What a great post chock full of good ideas. I get stuck in a rut with the traditional pesto, but yes, there are so many different varieties we can play around with! I made a jalapeno pesto one year that was just delicious. Especially on a prosciutto and fresh mozzarella sandwich.

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