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December 27, 2011

This year is almost ended, it's the right time to look at all we did during 2011, and formulate our resolutions. Every year Cooking 4 all Seasons invites all bloggers to celebrate the new year with a recap.

Erbe in Cucina in 2011

Rustic Pasta with Poppy Seeds1. Top 5 recipes of the year

The best (translated) recipe: Rustic Pasta with Poppy Seeds, an interesting pasta with a stracciatella effect.

The other unforgettable recipes of 2011:
Morning Glory Muffins with Mint
Gnocchi with Sorrel and Sunflower Pesto
Aubergines and Pesto Pasta
Hot Watermelon Gaspacho

Tuna Mousse with Aromatic Herbs2. Best dish of the month

January: Tuna Mousse with Aromatic Herbs
February: Morning Glory Muffins with Mint
March: Rustic Pasta with Poppy Seeds
April: Lasagna with Broccoli, Shrimps and Pennyroyal
May: Chicken Souvlaki with Honey and Aromatic Herbs
June: Hot Watermelon Gaspacho
July: Aubergines and Pesto Pasta
August: Cold Cucumber Soup with Mint
September: Mint Sun Tea
October: Vegan Burger with Aromatic Herbs
November: Onion and Chili Jam
December: Autumn Chili

Banana and Rhubarb Muffins3. Best recipe prepared from other blogs

The delicious Banana and Rhubarb Muffins.

12 first courses4. Best Meal of the year

The 12 first courses lunch: a lunch made with twelve pasta, rice, crepes and couscous dishes.

Aromatic herbs5. New things discovered in the year

This year I followed my no waste agenda, that helped me to plan what to grow, and how to harvest and use it.
The post Aromatic Herbs, Chili and Tomatoes Harvest is just one of many examples.

Chicken with Sorrel SauceThe 2011 discover plant is sorrel: I loved it and enjoyed in salads and many sauces and seasonings.
Read my sorrel recipes.

I also learned that everything can be eaten in beetroots.

6. Best (translated) post or picture for each month or year

Mushroom Boats with ShrimpsJanuary's picture: Mushroom Boats with Shrimps

The post: Cooking with Savory

Five Indian SpicesFebruary's picture: Five Indian Spices

The post: The collector's garden: Jalapeno for everyone

Salmon Pasta Roll-Ups with Pink SauceMarch's picture: Salmon Pasta Roll-Ups with Pink Sauce

The post: Aromatic Herbs in March

Lasagna with Broccoli, Shrimps and PennyroyalApril's picture: Lasagna with Broccoli, Shrimps and Pennyroyal

The post: Cooking with Lemon Balm

Stuffed Paccheri with MarjoramMay's picture: Stuffed Paccheri with Marjoram

The post: Aromatic Herbs in May

Caper FlowersJune's picture: Caper Flowers

The post: Storing thyme

Milk thistle FlowerJuly's picture: Milk thistle Flower

The post: Pesto ideas

CucumbersAugust's picture: cucumber varieties for our August Harvest Festival

The post: August gardening tips: The holidays

Picnic Recipes with Aromatic HerbsSeptember's picture: Picnic Recipes with Aromatic Herbs

The post: Cooking with Aromatic Herbs

Herbal powdersOctober's picture: Herbal powders

The post: The collector's garden: Black Chilies

Watermelon RadishNovember's picture: Jamy chilies

The post: Autumn recipes

GingerbreadmenDecember's picture: Gingerbreadmen

The post: Best of 2011

7. New blogs discovered
Pane amore e creatività
Matrioska adventures

8. Cooking resolutions for the Year 2012!

Grow more tomato plants and salads, given the success of this year.
Spend more time cooking, to prepare healthy foods based on vegetables.
Avoid waste of any kind.

Best of 2010One year ago:

Erbe in cucina: Best of 2010

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Author: Srivalli (URL)

Awesome post and I enjoyed so much reading your recap!..will be back to explore in leisure..thank you for the efforts!

Author: notyet100 (URL)

First time at ur space,..:) some new recipes for me to try,..

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