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October 17, 2011

Dark chilies are really loved among chili growers. There are many ornamental chili that ripe from blacks or purple to red, but there are also several dark varieties, usually brown or black when ripe, mild and aromatic.

Chilhuacle Negro e RojoChilhuacle Negro is one of the most popular dark chili, and it ripen from dark green to dark brown.

There are also yellow and red Chilhuacle varieties. In the picture two unripe chili: on the left Chilhuacle Negro, bigger and dark green, on the right Chilhuacle Rojo, smaller and hot, red when ripe.

Chilhuacle Negro has thin walls, and is perfect for drying.

Black chili powder

Black chili powder

Harvest the dark chilies, remove the stalk and seeds, cut into quarters and dry in a ventilated spot.

Dried chilliesYou can store dried chillies in a jar, or blend them.

Black chili powder can be prepared also with other chilies, like Pasilla Bajio or Chili de Onza.

Chili Pepper FilesChilhuacle Negro is a mexican Annuum chili pepper, with beautufil orange pods.

Chilhuacle NegroChilhuacle Negro (Capsicum Annuum)

Heat: Mild
Taste/flavour: Smoky and aromatic
Wall thickness: Thin
Plant productivity: Medium
Number of seeds per pod: Enough
Pod lenght: 7 - 8 cm
Average weight of pods (from my harvests): 10 g
Plant height: 70 cm
Colour: From dark green to dark brown.

Why grow it?:
To collect unusual chilies, with a surprising flavor perfect for many Mexican recipes and sauces, as well as the dark powder.

For their particular taste, the Chilhuacle Negro can be used also fresh, either alone or in combination with other chiles for the preparation of hot sauces.

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Aromatic chili powderTwo years ago:

Aromatic chili powder
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