September gardening tips: Harvest & Sowing

Rooftop gardening
September 25, 2011

The main September tasks are irrigation, the first autumn sowings and harvesting...

ChiliesMy chili harvest: top row, from left: the Aji Amarillo (used in the Peruvian Chili Sauce), Aji Panca Red, Bishop's Hat, Hot Jim (dried), Jalapenona, Murupi Amarela (they were too hot, I gave them).

Second row: Numex Suave Orange, Pimento Piquillo (stuffed with rice and pesto), Shishito (frozen), Zavory (aromatic and sweet, I used them everywhere, from sandwiches to baked potatoes).

VegetablesFrom the top: Purple Beauty and Sweet Choco Peppers, Cuore di Bue and Lemon Plum tomatoes and a small aubergine Listada de Gambia.

Chards and sorrelRainbow chards, rhubarb chards and sorrel used for the recipe Spaghetti with Sorrel and Basil Pesto with other aromatic herbs.

Chilies: 520g
Tomatoes, bell peppers, aubergines: 310g
Sorrel and chards: 70g
Total 900g

This harvest joins to Harvest Mondays.

KomatsunaThis week many seeds from my autumn sowing are sprouting: the komatsuna in the picture, broad leaf mustard (or indian mustard), daikon, two new radish varieties for my collection and the borage from the seeds harvested in May with the gorgeous borage flowers.

CressI'm growing again garden cress, it will be ready to be harvested soon, see all the Cress recipes.

Chili Pepper FilesTwo years ago: Chili Pepper Files

Three years ago: Stir-fried Aji Habanero


Author: Ancutza (URL)

una bella raccolta coloratissima...sul mio terrazzo la piantina di peperoncino ha messo nuovi fiori...chissà se poi vengono. Buona serata e grazie per i consigli!

Author: Graziana

A meno di gelate non dovrebbero esserci problemi, magari con il freddo ci metteranno un bel po a maturare

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