Aromatic and spontaneous herbs on Nebrodi Mountains

Aromatic herbs around the world
July 30, 2011

I spent a pleasant weekend in the Nebrodi mountains, relaxing and strolling in the countryside, especially in the Bosco di Malabotta Nature Reserve, located between Nebrodi and Peloritani.
I have photographed hundreds of plants, I recognized some like oregano and calamint because I've grown them, and just guess all the others. If you have suggestions or corrections, comments are welcome!

Greek oregano grows into huge bushes in sunny slopes even at about 1000 meters above sea level.


This beautiful purple thistle has stems over two meters high, and and these purple flowers against the horizon create suggestive landscapes.


OmbrelliferaThis plant is an Umbelliferae, like cumin and many other spices that I'm growing, but the family of the Umbelliferae is huge and includes also inedible species. In any case -it should be remembered- in nature reserves is absolutely forbidden to harvest the plants.

Wild artichokeThis spiny wild artichoke or thistle grows along the edges of the roads.

FlowerThis flower is also widespread, it looks like great mullein but I'm not sure.

HorsesThe horses are kept free, and roam in small herds, watching people with curiosity.

Etna eruptionNot far away, Mount Etna erupts an huge cloud of smoke and volcanic ashes, thousands and thousands of feet high.

Black Scorpion TongueTwo years ago:

Who loves the Black Scorpion Tongue?

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Aromatic herbs around the world

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Author: Marika

io arrivo adesso solo per dirti che adoro la Sicilia e l Etna.
E meravigliosa quella passeggiata che hai fatto e quanti fiori e piantine ci sono e quante scoperte si fanno andando per i prati. Vorrei essere lì.

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