Cooking with nettles

Weed's crusade
May 14, 2008

Nettles are among my favourite herbs. They have a wonderful taste, wild and delicate.
Always use gauntlets when handling the nettles, cook only tender leaves and do not use seeds. Use them in every recipe in the place of spinach.

Today begins the Be Nice to Nettles Week (14 - 25 May 2008).
I would like to be nice... if cooking with love something can be considered being nice but here in Sicily in May nettles are a far memory.
I harvested them during winter, and my nettles became delicious omelettes many months ago.

Sausage and Nettle QuicheRead all Nettle recipes

Nettle omelette with ricotta cheese (Il meglio in cucina - Best Cuisine)

The recipe in the picture: Sausage and nettle quiche (Il meglio in cucina - Best Cuisine)

Weeds crusadeRead also:

Weed's crusade

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Author: ivan

ciao, nel farti i complimenti per il sito e per la fantasia, visto che si parla di frittata volevo suggerirti di provare con i fiori di acacia. magari non ti dico niente di nuovo, ma non ho trovato niente a riguardo sul sito!
complimenti di nuovo,

Author: Graziana

ciao ivan, grazie per il consiglio, devo provare!

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