Recipe: Eggless dandelion pancakes

Fritters with aromatic herbs
July 19, 2011

DandelionI harvested a generous amount of dandelion leaves, and I prepared two recipes, these eggles pancakes with chickpea flour (very used in vegan and Indian cuisine as an egg substitute for its thickening properties) and Dandelion and Yams Pies, with whole dandelion leaves.

Eggless dandelion pancakes

Eggless dandelion pancakes

1 cup dandelion leaves (30g)
50g chickpea flour
50ml water
frying oil

Beat the chickpea flour with water until the mixture is creamy and let stand.
Blanch the dandelions in salted water for several minutes, then drain and chop finely.
Mix the chopped dandelion with the chickpea flour mixture and fry spoonfuls in hot oil.

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Author: Susan (URL)

Fantastic, Graziana! I ve never had dandelion before. It is unfortunate that in U.S. it is considered mostly a road-side weed or lawn nuisance. I have, however, seen it occasionally at my greengrocer s and am now encouraged by your recipe to try it. I am assuming that it has bitter tones that sound perfectly paired up with chickpea flour.

Thanks for your MLLA contribution and your well wishes!

Author: Graziana

Hi Susan, dandelion is a weed in Italy too... but I had sowed, growed and nurtured it. It s slightly bitter and it s perfect with natural sweet ingredients like chickpeas flour or yams.

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