July gardening tips: It's harvest time!

Harvest and Store
July 04, 2011

During the weekend I manage my garden and rooftop products, storing or cooking them.

HarvestHere's my harvest, along with some ideas, recipes and suggestions.

Rainbow chards and rhubarb chards, purslane, sorrel and dandelion: 140g
Tomatoes: 250g
Chilies: 60g
1 gherkin: 30 g

My aromatic herbs (not in the group picture): rosemary, basil cinnamon, a little of celery, marjoram, curry plant, Thai basil, lemon balm, rhubarb.

Total: 480 g (1 lb)

This harvest goes to Harvest Mondays.

Rosemary and marjoramI will add rosemary and marjoram to an herb mixture similar to italian seasoning that I'm creating.
EDIT: the Mediterranean Aromatic Mixture recipe.

Cinnamon basilI'm creating also an oriental herb mixture with thai basil, cinnamon basil (in the picture), curry plant, lemon balm, chives garlic, lemon balm and some spices. It's an experiment, I will let you know.
EDIT: Asian Aromatic Mixture recipe.

Green PurslaneI also prepared Pickled Green Purslane, fairly faithful to my recipe (with garlic, mustard seeds and nigella), but I also added a small celery stalk, diced.

Pimento PiquilloI stuffed the Pimento Piquillo with some soft pecorino cheese cubes and minced beef meat. I wrapped them with aluminium paper and baked for 10 minutes. They were delicious.

Bear Claw TomatoA picture of my first Bear Claw tomato: it's a steak variety, pinkish red, big and sweet.

CetriolinoI'm growing a gherkin plant in my rooftop, they are so delicious that we are eating them fresh instead of preparing pickles.

Cherry black tomatoesWith these Cherry black tomatoes I prepared the recipe Couscous Salad with Cherry Tomatoes and Aromatic Herbs.

Other recipes with this harvest:
Sorrel: Mackerel with sorrel sauce
Rhubarb: Banana and rhubarb muffins
Dandelion: Dandelion and sweet potato pies and Eggless Dandelion Fritters

Fried egg with corianderOne year ago: Fried egg with coriander

Two years ago: Clams spaghetti

Three years ago: Sensitive weeds?

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Author: The Sage Butterfly (URL)

Very nice harvest...the stuffed peppers look yummy! Happy Harvest!

Author: Ale73 (URL)

Graziana quanto mi piace il tuo sito!!!! Spero di riuscire ad inserire questo commento...

Author: Graziana

Grazie! Forse usavi caratteri particolari che generavano un errore... il motore di questo sito è fatto in casa: completamente personalizzato ma qualche difetto ogni tanto viene fuori.

Author: Daphne (URL)

Your harvest looks lovely. How do you dry lemon balm? I ve tried so many times, but it always loses its wonderful lemon scent.

Author: Graziana

Hi Daphne, put lemon balm leaves in a ventilated, not humid, dark place (sunlight can cause leaves to loose color and flavor).
After about a week store in a jar away from light and heat sources. As many herbs, dried Lemon balm will lose part of the aroma, but not all.

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