Aromatic herbs in June

Growing aromatic herbs
June 07, 2011

It's not too hot, and many aromatic herbs seems to enjoy it.

It's time to harvest & store, see the post:
Storing sage
Storing rosemary
Storing thyme
Storing dandelion buds
Storing chamomile
Storing mint: drying
Storing mint: freezing
Harvesting lemon grass
Storing herbes de Provence
Saving seeds
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Cinnamon BasilThis cinnamon basil is born in a pot with some strawberries, maybe from a seed dropped last year. It's bigger than the ones sown indoor... nature always knows what to do!

Green purslaneGreen purslane is a spontaneus herb that grows in my pots during summer, and can be added to salads, sauces, sandwiches, but it can also be pickled.

Green purslane recipes
Pickled green purslane

Buck s HornpipeBuck's Hornpipe sowed in autumn is still producing new leaves that I harvest often.

SorrelI never grow sorrel before, and I already tasted some leaves: they are tangy and peculiar.

Sorrel recipes

CuminI sowed cumin, a spice that is grown for its seeds.

Milk thistleA friend gave me some Milk thistle seeds and I sowed them, but I never grow this plant before. I heard that the sprouts can be cooked so I'm waiting for them... I will let you know.

FlaxThis flax plant can be born from a fallen seed, but I growed flax two years ago... and in another balcony. I let it grow and now it's blooming.

OreganoTwo years ago:

Young plants: Oregano

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