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May 11, 2011

Every autumn I like to stop to plan and thank, analyzing successes and mistakes of the past season, and so I realized that my biggest disappointment was about waste: I didn't harvest many herbs and greens, and I forgot many recipes that I had wanted to prepare with them until it was too late.

So this year my motto is no waste: I have chosen what to grow keeping in mind the needs of my family and what to do with each plant. The project includes storing and harvest scheduling, special recipes for unusual herbs and plants… maybe I will not be able to achieve everything, but I really have many ideas.

DandelionThe first obvious task is the harvest and use of fresh products: this dandelion is the first of the season, and its tasty leaves with a bitter aftertaste are an interesting ingredient for omelettes, fritters and salads.

Dandelion omelette

Dandelion omelette

2 cups dandelion leaves
2 eggs
2 tbsp milk
2 tbspflour
1 tbspbutter

Wash the dandelion leaves and toss in a pan with butter for a couple of minutes, until tender.
Beat eggs with milk and flour and pour into the pan.
Turn the omelette when it is golden and finish cooking.

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Author: Simona (URL)

I like your plan a lot. I am also worried about waste, though I console myself saying that I compost what I cannot use for various reasons. I have never tasted dandelion leaves: your description of the flavor makes me curious. Thank you so much for contributing to WHB.

Author: Caffettiera (URL)

Did you actually plant dandelion? At my grandfather s house we used to pick it wild, it is actually a weed (and a tough one to eradicate..). When it is young it is delicious, although quite bitter. I ve always had it in salad, I really like this frittata version.

Author: Kalinda (URL)

I m always afraid of dandelion greens because of their bitterness. I imagine the quick sauté helps. If I can find some young greens I d like to give this a try.

Author: Graziana

Yes dandelion is a weed but a weed that I haven t! So I sowed it a couple of years ago in a large pot and every year we enjoy its leaves, buds and flowers. Tender leaves are not too bitter for me, but I admit that I like a little bitterness.

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