Recipe: Lasagna with broccoli, shrimps and pennyroyal

The 12 first courses lunch
April 12, 2011

PennyroyalThe pennyroyal has been a faithful companion throughout the winter, and I wanted to include it among the herbs featured in the 12 first courses lunch prepared a few weeks ago. I've thought long and discard several hypotheses, then I chose to add it to the broccoli and shrimp combo, for these little green lasagna.

This is a recipe from the 12 first courses lunch, so the doses are for small samples. Keep that in mind if you are considering only one first course.

Lasagna with broccoli, shrimps and pennyroyal

Lasagna with broccoli, shrimps and pennyroyal

Makes four small lasagne:
2 lasagne
5 broccoli florets
70g shrimp
about 20 string beans
1/2 glass milk
1 tbsp flour
2 tbsp grated Parmesan cheese
30g fontina (or cheddar)
1 bunch pennyroyal

Cook broccoli, drain well and saute in oil, crushing them a bit with a spoon. Add the shrimp, flour and mix well.
Pour milk and cook until creamy. Remove from heat and add the chopped pennyroyal.
Boil the string beans and cut them into pieces about 1-2 cm long.
Cut each lasagna in six squares about 7cm, throw them in boiling, salted water with a tablespoon of oil and cook 5 minutes.
If you want you can use water used to cook broccoli. Drain well.
Place 4 squares of lasagna in a pan greased with oil, close together but not overlapping.
Divide the string beans and the fontina and cover with four more squares of lasagna.
Put the broccoli and shrimp, keeping aside a few tablespoons for the topping.
Cover with the last 4 squares of pasta and spread them the sauce kept aside.
Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and bake in preheated 180° C (356 F) oven 20 minutes.

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The 12 first courses lunch

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Author: Aiuolik (URL)

Ciao! Mi fa tanto piacere che abbia deciso di partecipare ancora all abbecedario! Allora ti aspetto anche per le prossime per ora mi prendo un po di queste lasagne :-)

Author: brii (URL)

che idea sfiziosa, Graziana! mi piace moltissimo l abbianamento broccoli/gamberetti(mentuccia!

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