The collector's garden: Jalapeno for everyone

The collector's garden
February 24, 2011

Jalapeño is one of the most famous and used chilies.
They are usually harvested unripe, when they show the corks.


Classic Jalapeno pods are about 6 cm long, with medium heat.
Average weight of pods (from my harvests): 7g

Jalapeño File


Jalapenona is a wonderful variety of Jalapeno with very large pods, 8-10 cm long, milder than Jalapeno. The pods ripen from green to orange, showing the typical corks, and have a fleshy and crisp pulp, very aromatic. Highly recommended.
Average weight of pods (from my harvests): 28g

Jalapeno Tam Vera CruzJalapeno Tam Vera Cruz

Jalapeno Tam Vera Cruz is very similar to Jalapeno, but much milder, almost sweet. Pods ripen from dark green to red with the typical corks. Perfect for recipes that requires large quantities of Jalapeno chilies.
Average weight of pods (from my harvests): 7g

Jalapeno EstriadoJalapeno Estriado

Jalapeno Estriado pods are fleshy, without corks but with dark stripes. Medium heat.
Average weight of pods (from my harvests): 8g

Jalapeno GoliathJalapeno Goliath

Jalapeno Goliath pods are similar to Jalapeno but bigger, about 8 cm long. Medium heat.
Average weight of pods (from my harvests): 9g

Jalapeno Goliath File

Jalapeno JaloroJalapeno Jaloro

Jalapeno Jaloro pods ripe from yellow to orange and finally to red. They are fleshy, mild, 8-10 cm long by 3-4 cm wide. Early variety.
Average weight of pods (from my harvests): 13g

Jalapeno Jaloro File

Jalapeno MasterJalapeno Master

Jalapeno Master pods are longer than classic Jalapeno, about 8 cm long.
Average weight of pods (from my harvests): 7g

Jalapeno MitlaJalapeno Mitla

Jalapeno Mitla is very prolific, with bigger and mild pods. Early variety.
Average weight of pods (from my harvests): 10g

Jalapeno PurpleJalapeno Purple

Jalapeno Purple is an ornamental Jalapeno, with small pods that ripen from purple to red.

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The collector s gardenThe collector's garden

There are many variations of well known plants: new colors, different aromas, specific forms… why grow always the usual crops?

The collector's garden: Gotta catch em all!

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Author: meatfreak

That is a great collection of Jalapeno varieties. I myself am just as you a collector and try too collect as many different Jalapeno varieties as possible. This year I m growing 8 different Jalapeno varieties. I would love too trade the ones listed above, especially the Estriado. Already got the Purpe and Jaloro. Got a lot of other varieties in case you already got the Jalapeno s I have. Hopefully you contact me! All the best, meatfreak.

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