My last sowing...

Spring Sowing
April 18, 2008

SeedsLast Sunday I worked a lot. I began to create the raised beds, transplanted the young plants into the ground... and did my Last Sowing, finally.
I know, I've said it before, but this was really the last.
I sowed caraway, flax and dill seeds. More fenugreek, because the turtles eat many plants, and popcorn to replace the ungerminated seeds. Then marygold, horseradish, white and black mustard. Radishes for the monthly sowing to harvest them through the entire summer. Leeks and corn salad buyed the day before.

Yes, sowing time is over.
It's time to put away all my seeds. Anyway, it's too late for sowing. Right.
Uhm, sure, I have to set aside some salad seeds, I'll plant them after the first harvest.
And some flowers: someday I will find the time to plant the flower beds too.
And... hey, what's this? Ah, dandelion seeds. Why did I forget to sow dandelion? (as if I didn't have enough plants from last year)
And this? Oh no, mallow seeds, I forgot to sow the mallow!
Aaaaah (sigh), I put everything here (in unstable balance on a old sewing machine, waiting to be restored).
I'll sow everything next Sunday.
But this time will be the Real Last Sowing...

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Author: pepperoncio

semini la malva ??? io non faccio altro che estirparla che mi invade tutto :-)

complimenti per le varità

Author: Graziana

Tantissime aromatiche sono infestanti... composta la malva che estirpi, arricchisce tantissimo il terreno!

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