Cooking with dill

Cooking with aromatic herbs
November 30, 2010

DillDill (Anethum graveolens) is used in many traditional dishes from North and Central Europe.
Dill leaves are used raw in pickles, sauces and salads. They can be dried, but they will loose soon their aroma.

Dill seedsDill seeds are used green or dried as a spice, they're pungent and similar to caraway seeds. They can be used in pickles, aromatic vinegar, fish and potatoes.

DillDill was once wrongly translated as anise in the Bible, where is often mentioned with cumin.
It was also known by ancient greeks.

Dill recipes

Potato rosti with dillPotato rosti with dill

Dill canapes

Croatian salad with dill

Herb baked omelette (Kuku)

All dill recipes on Erbe in Cucina (Cooking with herbs).

A Bulgarian recipe: Tarator on Il Meglio in Cucina - Best Cuisine.

Cooking with aromatic herbsCooking with aromatic herbs: curiosity, recipes and tips.

Salmon pasta with dillOne year ago:

Salmon pasta with dill

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Cooking with aromatic herbs

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