November gardening tips: Time to rest

Rooftop gardening
November 23, 2010

Although in November many plants are still productive, during this month I like to stop and think about the past season, with its successes and failures, and start to make plans for the next year.

November is also a month of small harvests, autumnal sowings and relaxing walks among the plants during the last days of sunshine.

RhubarbI planted these plants of rhubarb in the spring, and I admit that I've tried them even if they should be harvested from the third year.
The last month I added some new soil in the pot, and now I will wait for the next summer.

White Aubergine FlowerWhite eggplant plants are still alive, and one of them is blooming.
Eggplants harvested in the autumn, however, weren't very good. I have left some of then to ripen on the plant to harvest the seeds.

ChintexleThe unripe Chintexle chilies are ripen now. This plant is one of the highest chili plants that I growed this year, it has lost some leaves but it's still full of small red chilies.

JamyI always love to take pictures of the Jamy chilies, the one that I used in the Chili and Cantaloupe Jam. Even if I like to try always new plants, the Jamy is among the few plants that I will grow again next year.

RedskinThis is the Redskin, a dwarf plant with sweet red peppers, that seem to overflow from the pot.

Numex Joe ParkerThis ripening Numex Joe Parker chilies are smaller than the summer ones, but I guess they will taste good too.

WeedA plant is unexpectedly born in this pot, among the carrots, and I let it grow because I'm curious. I guess I'll find out soon.

Tuna pasta with corianderOne year ago:

Tuna pasta with coriander

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