Recipe: Rolled sandwich with Russian salad

The 20 appetizers lunch
March 17, 2010

As many of you already know, I prepared an all-appetizers lunch, and I promised to post all the recipes.
I started the lunch with some canapes and brochettes: this is the first one.
Here you can find all the recipes from the 20 appetizers lunch.

You can prepare russian salad at home the day before… or buy it if you feel overwhelmed!

Rolled sandwich with Russian salad

Rolled sandwich with Russian salad

Makes four starters:
2 sandwich bread slices
50g russian salad
2 ham slices
chives or nira garlic

Rolling pinDirections
Roll the bread slices with a rolling pin, gently.

StuffingPut the ham and the russian salad on the bread slices.

CuttingRoll carefully, then cut each rolled sandwich into half (or into thirds).

ChivesTie the sandwich with a chives (or chives garlic) leaf.

If it breaks, take a deep breath and start with a new leaf.

Rolled sandwichesIf you do not have chives… or if you have to prepare a large number of these appetizers and time is running out, place them standing side by side on a serving plate.

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Souper SundaysThis goes to Deb from Kahakai Kitchen who's hosting the weekly event Souper Sundays (now Soup, Salad and Sammie Sundays).
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Author: nisha (URL)

Hellow there...thanks for dropping by my have an amazing space here and just as luck would have it i just started growing my own herbs and they have just begun to sprout. I guess i can keep checking your blog for any doubts regarding the such an amateur at this...
The rolled sandwich looks delicious and is a brilliant idea.

Author: DebinHawaii (URL)

These are so fun--I love how you wrapped them up and tied them. They look delicious. Thanks for sending them to Souper Sundays. ;-)

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