Recipe: Kidney beans burgers with Jalapeno

Burger Parade
February 26, 2010

Each summer I wait for the first harvests, using the fresh ingredients and starting to store them.

JalapenoThis work can become overwhelming during summer, and each year I find the will to continue thinking of periods like this: it's winter, chili plants are died or too small, and I'm so glad to use my frozen Jalapenos from last summer.

Kidney Beans Burgers with Jalapeno

Kidney Beans Burgers with Jalapeno

Makes six burgers:
250g canned red kidney beans
1 red corno pepper
3 tbsp pecans
4 Jalapenos
1 bunch of chives
125g ricotta cheese
70g breadcrumbs
1 tbsp apple vinegar

Blend together the drained red beans, pepper, jalapeno chilies, pecans and chives.
Add ricotta, breadcrumbs, apple vinegar and mix well.
Divide into six parts and shape into patties, 1cm thick.
Fry in vegetable oil until golden and serve with ketchup sauce.

Burger ParadeBurger Parade

Burger Parade: Homemade burgers

Vegetarian mini burgersA similar recipe:

Vegetarian mini burgers

This goes to House of Annie who's hosting the next edition of Grow Your Own.
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Author: Joanne (URL)

This veggie burger sounds delicious! I ve never seen ricotta put into one.

Author: Aiuolik (URL)

Ciao! Piacere di conoscerti, accetto volentieri la tua ricetta, grazieeeeeee!!!

Ovviamente sei la benvenuta anche per tutte le altre lettere ;-)

Author: Aiuolik (URL)

E anche la J è andata anche grazie a te!!!

Ora che hai scoperto l abbecedario ti aspetto anche per le altre lettere!!!


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