Recipe: Kale soup with turmeric

Soups with spices and aromatic herbs
January 06, 2010

Maybe you already read the story of this soup in another post, but all that you need to know is that it was a compromise between healthy and tasty food.
Turmeric plays a fundamental role in this soup, it can't be omitted.

Kale soup with turmeric

Kale soup with turmeric

Serves two:
200g kale
1 red onion
1 tbsp of butter
100ml milk
30g fontina or cheddar
1 tbsp turmeric
black pepper

Cut the kale and the onion into thin slices. Cook with the butter for 10 minutes.
Pour the milk, and cook over low heat 30-40 minutes, until tender.
Puree the soup in a food processor. Add cheese and turmeric and cook for 5 minutes, until the cheese is melted.
Serve hot with black pepper.

Tinda (Indian round gourd) curryAnother turmeric soup:

Tinda (Indian round gourd) curry

Souper SundaysThis goes to Deb from Kahakai Kitchen who's hosting the weekly event Souper Sundays.
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These chilis are quite festive. So cute. And tasty.

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