Recipe: Vegetarian mini burgers

Burger Parade
December 28, 2009

The site Meat Free Mondays is an interesting event, that invites to eat vegetarian foods and suggests some meat alternatives.

On Il Meglio in Cucina - Best Cuisine every Monday you will find recipes that we call fake meat, tasty and healthy.
Here on Erbe in Cucina, I'm posting about Meat Free Mondays with a recipe.

OnionThese are my onion plants: I'm growing them in the garden and in the rooftop.
I don't know if they will grow, but in the meantime I'm harvesting some fresh leaves, using them as an aromatic herb.

This vegetarian burger can be served as regular hamburger, with french fries. Kids will love them!

Vegetarian mini burgers

Vegetarian mini burgers

Makes 4 mini burgers (or two regular burgers):
1 red onion
50g breadcrumbs
50g emmenthal cheese
1 celery stalk
1 scallion leaf
1 egg
1 tbsp Dijon mustard

Shape the burgersDirections
Mince the onion, celery, scallion leaf and emmenthal with a blender.
Add the beaten egg, the breadcrumbs and Dijon mustard and mix well.
Shape into burgers, dust them with flour and fry them in oil until golden brown.

Burger ParadeBurger Parade

Burger Parade: Homemade Burgers

Vegan burger with aromatic herbsA similar recipe:

Vegan burger with aromatic herbs
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Author: Joanne (URL)

I love veggie burgers, especially homemade ones. So much better than those storebought gross things that are full of salt! I like to put different beans in mine, like chickpeas or black beans. These look delicious though!

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