Chili peppers during winter

Growing chili peppers
November 06, 2009

The chili plants face the autumn: the leaves become yellow and fall, pods are ripening slowly, and are smaller and milder than summer ones.

Habanero WhiteThis Habanero White pods are still ripening: they are pale yellow and should become white.

Remember to save chili pepper seeds from ripen pods, before it's to late.

Some of my chili plants are still blooming, and these flowers will become the pods for winter harvests.
Anyway, winter is almost there, and it's time to make plans for the next year.

Last year I tried many different solutions for chili plants in winter: indoor or outdoor, pruned in autumn or spring... all of them worked and all the plants produced many pods during their second summer.

Anyway, remember that chili plants won't survive if the soil will frost: take indoor your favourite plants... and compost the others.

It will be sowing time soon...

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Chili sowing

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