Weekend Wokking Cabbage: The Round-up

November 04, 2009

Weekend WokkingThe round-up day of Weekend Wokking is arrived. Thank you all for your incredible recipes!

Cumin CabbageEatTravelEat of Eat. Travel. Eat! from Southern California cooked Cumin Cabbage, a spicy recipe that will make you love cabbage.

Vermicelli and colors of veggieRadha of Urban bites: delizie da Hong Kong from Hong Kong prepared Vermicelli and colors of veggie, an healthy recipe with the colors of the rainbow.

Hot & Sour CabbageGaga of Gaga in the Kitchen from CA, USA prepared Hot & Sour Cabbage, a tasty recipe with chili and vinegar.

Clear Oxtail Soup with Corn, Cabbage and PotatoesTS and JS of [eatingclub] vancouver cooked Clear Oxtail Soup with Corn, Cabbage and Potatoes, an original soup with whole corn ears in it.

Cabbage Wonton SoupThe next host of Weekend Wokking, Momgateway cooked Cabbage Wonton Soup, with beef gyoza leftovers.

Pickled Red CabbageDP of Blazing Hot Wok, from Portland, OR, USA teaches us how to prepare Pickled Red Cabbage, and also suggests how to serve it.

Beijing Pickled CabbageAnother entry from TS and JS of [eatingclub] vancouver: Beijing Pickled Cabbage, another pickled cabbage recipe... Beijing style.

Vietnamese Boiled CabbageHuy of Hungry Huy, from Southern California cooked Vietnamese Boiled Cabbage, a simply recipe made special by the dipping sauce that goes with it.

Vietnamese Stuffed Cabbage SoupThe creator of Weekend Wokking, Wandering Chopsticks, from Southern California cooked Vietnamese Stuffed Cabbage Soup, and explains their preparation with step-to-step pictures.

Causa, a rainbow puréeThis is my entry, Causa, a rainbow purée, a recipe with red cabbage inspired by a traditional peruvian dish.

And now the secret revelead... the next ingredient for November will be APPLES!
The next host is Momgateway.
Send your recipes to momgateway AT gmail DOT com by November 30.

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Recipe: Causa, a rainbow purée

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Author: Joanne (URL)

What a great round-up! I never would have thought taht cabbage could be used in so many ways. And great choice for next month. I may have to participate!

Author: Hungry Huy (URL)

This is cool, thank you for hosting!

Author: Wandering Chopsticks (URL)

Thank for hosting. What a great roundup. I was sure someone else would make cabbage rolls, but I guess not.

Author: Graziana

Thank you all for your recipes

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