Recipe: Mozzarella fried sandwiches with chives garlic

Fritters with aromatic herbs
October 21, 2009

NiraIf I had to suggest only one aromatic herb to grow, I won't have any doubts: Nira, or chives garlic (Allium Tuberosum).
It's similar to chives, but with longer leaves and a richer aroma. It's perfect for every dish that need an aromatic touch, strong but not overwhelming.

The italian name of this recipe is Mozzarella in carrozza: carrozza means coach... yes, the fairytales one. My mother prepared it when I was a child and I imagined that the coach was the fryed sandwich, which carried the cinderella/mozzarella to some dancing party... and the happy ending is when you eat them! (Ok, I have to improve my fairy tales before my baby grows up).
I often prepare this dish, creating many variations, like this that simply adds the nira and it's one of my favourite ones.
Try also gorgonzola or blue cheese instead of ham, and add other herbs or green chilies cut into slices.

Mozzarella fried sandwiches with chives garlic

Mozzarella fried sandwiches with chives garlic

Serves two:
8 sandwich bread slices
250g mozzarella
4 ham slices
some nira leaves (or chives)
1 egg
1 glass of milk
all-purpose flour
frying oil

Prepare four plates with: milk, flour, beaten egg, breadcrumbs.
Put the bread slices into:
-milk, both sides
-flour, outer side
-egg, outer side
-breadcrumbs, outer side
Put into each sandwich some mozzarella slices, ham and minced nira.
Fry both sides until golden and serve immediately.

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Souper SundaysThis goes to Deb from Kahakai Kitchen who's hosting the weekly event Souper Sundays (now Soup, Salad and Sammie Sundays).

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Author: The Food Hunter (URL)

Looks delicious

Author: DebinHawaii (URL)

Yum--nothing like a sandwich of fried cheese. Thanks for sending it to Souper Sundays, so nice to see you back this week.



Author: Graziana

The sandwich become soft inside and crunchy on the fried side... try it and enjoy it!

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