Recipe: Eggless chili omelette

Starring: chilies
October 11, 2009

ChiliesI harvested some different and colourful chilies and used in an eggless omelette: Hot Lemon, Campane, Numex Suave Orange and some Cayenne-like chili, red and green.

Eggless chili omelette

Eggless chili omelette

100g chickpeas flour (besan)
1 pinch of salt
100ml warm water
50g chilies
50g swiss cheese (optional)

Beat the chickpeas flour with salt and water, then let rest.
Meanwhile remove the stem from the chilies, cut into half and stir fry them in a pan with oil, until brown.
Add the chickpeas flour mixture and cook like an omelette, turning it upside down when golden.
Cover with the swiss cheese cut into small cubes and cook until melted.

Yellow chili omelette with dandelionA similar recipe:

Yellow chili omelette with dandelion

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Author: EC (URL)

Looks so delicious and tempting..thanks for the entry

Author: Graziana

I often use besan instead of eggs for some light omelette, the results are amazing

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