Recipe: Stuffed tomatoes with Blue cheese

Rooftop gardening
October 08, 2009

RadishMy rooftop radishes are ready to be harvested, and Danish cuisine is perfect for the autumn weather.

Stuffed tomatoes with Blue cheese

Stuffed tomatoes with Blue cheese

Serves six:
6 tomatoes
1/2 apple
3 radishes
70g Blue Cheese

Cut off the top from the tomatoes and set aside.
Mince together the apple and radishes, them mix with the Blue Cheese until creamy
Remove seeds from the tomatoes, and stuff them with the Blue Cheese cream.
Put the tomato tops over them again, and let rest in the fridge before serving.

Potatoes Thai CurryOne year ago:

Potatoes Thai Curry

This month Regional Recipes is hosted by Eats Well with Others that will bring us to Scandinavia.
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Rooftop gardening

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