Recipe: Rice with cheese and ajwain

Rice recipes with aromatic herbs
May 13, 2009

AjwainAjwain is a spice used in indian cuisine, it has a cumin-like flavour, and somehow it remembers me the thyme dried leaves.

I sowed this year for the first time, but I also use the seeds in this recipe.

Rice with cheese and ajwain

Rice with cheese and ajwain

Serves two:
200g rice
50g Blue Cheese
30g grated parmesan
100ml single cream
1 tsp. ajwain/carom seeds

Cook the rice in boiling salted water.
Meanwhile, cut the Blue Cheese into pieces. Put the Blue Cheese, grated parmesan and single cream in a pan. Melt them over low heat, stirring for five minutes.
Drain well the rice, season with the cheese cream and serve with ajwain seeds.

Aromatic Risotto with SpumanteA similar recipe:

Aromatic Risotto with Spumante

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Rice recipes with aromatic herbs
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Rice recipes with aromatic herbs

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