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October 21, 2013

LicoriceGrowing licorice it's a matter of patience: for the first three years you just have to water and wait.
From the third year, during autumn, you can harvest roots and stolons (horizontal roots).
This is my harvest, I will post soon more details and recipes.

I started also to harvest the plants sowed last September.

Red mustardMustard Leaf Red Frills has dark green and red leaves, with little pungency.

TexelI bought also some texel or texcel seeds: its a green and its leaves tastes like cabbage.

SaladI used red mustard, texel and some rainbow chards for this salad with olive oil and lemon juice.

RadisjesAll early radishes are also ready to be harvested. From the top: Zlata, French Breakfast and Pink Celebration.

More details: Discover Radishes.

This harvest goes to: Harvest Monday.

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Licorice flower

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Author: Lisa and Robb (URL)

I wonder if we could grow licorice in Northern California?

Author: Graziana

Licorice likes dry, hot and stony land, and it s very easy to grow.

Author: Daphne (URL)

I think that is the first licorice crop I ve seen on Harvest Monday. Very interesting.

Author: Cheese

Hi, do you know how can I say Mustard Leaf Red Frills in italian? Could you help me? Grazie:)!

Author: Graziana

Hi Cheese, I don t think it has an italian name, i called it senape rossa, but frills can be translated as a foglie increspate

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